Magic as Psuedoscience

Is pulling a rabbit out of a hat, a new cure for depression? Rabbits are cool and producing rabbits magically is even cooler.  Rabbits are known for their little piles of poop that look like raisins. Why not create a tea from this nature’s bounty? One sip and a rabbit will appear! This works based on the well-known pseudoscience of homeopathy. Homeopathy says that if we take the opposite of something and dilute it to thousands and thousands of its normal strength, we get the thing. So, if we take the opposite of a rabbit, its poop, dilute it, we should get a rabbit. Note that this could also be done by diluting an alligator, which is as much the opposite of a rabbit and you can get.

cute cuddly toy cartoon costume
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Take one part bunny pellet and dip momentarily into a gallon of water. Hit the side of you gallon container with a riding crop 10 times to allow mirror molecules of the poop to lock into the water. Now use an eyedropper and transfer one drop into another gallon and slap it too.  Repeat each until you have your last drop in the last gallon and beat it like a Shade of Gray novel. You now have a potent homeopathic medicine to quickly produce a rabbit out of a magicians hat.

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