The Force is Strong With This One

Pseudoscience is a force. Kind of like the Force in Star Wars. Like the Force, we all want what to have what pseudosciences can do in all their magic. From faith healing to miracle pills and little magnets that increase your gas mileage, we believe we can tap into these forces.

Others have not seen or believe in the forces on the edge of science.

=Real scientists, not the iffy ones. Scientists can easily show that magnets don’t line up the molecules to make your car more efficient. They can do it on paper with calculations and back it up with experiments(back up as in corroborate, not as in back up a car as that would be a poor measure of gas mileage).

Take those magnets that increase your gas mileage. If they really worked, wouldn’t every car have one? Of course not, there is a conspiracy that has prevented you from increasing your mileage by 20% but is available to you now with free shipping and only three easy payments of $59.95.

The force is strong, and reasonably priced.

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